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Said: The confident of their self laboratories, they discover the hypocrisy of others

And as for the bewitched by hypocrisy, they lose their personality and their old heritage





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Brief biography about the movement of the Lodge Al-Inkaz’s members. The mission of old members in lodge Al-Inkaz,

started in 1963 after ‎the meeting of the following Freemasons: Grand Master Ahmad Fahme, ‎Master Dr. Nasr El Khouri, Master Salim El Banna, Master Mohammad El ‎Hoary, Master Toufic Trad, Master Ahmad Shbarou, and Master Vinson ‎Attieh

In the mid-year of 1963, the member of the Lodge Alinkaz meet the G. Sovereign Henain Katina in order to obtain the legal authority to assemble brothers in the lodge Alinkaz.

The meeting was lukewarm because of the arguing between the Grand Sovereign with one of our old brethren around the Masonic works in Lebanon,the assembled agree that the new members in the masonry are trying to separate the old laws customs and replacing it by new law for the wage increase and the integration of Masonic works which are concerned by the symbolic degrees and perfections, such Masonic works, which lasted several centuries because of the services of our old Masons who had maintained faithful on their commitments and their individual degrees, thanks for them. And then the Brother Kataini blamed the elders brethren and reprimanded them because they don't give attention for respecting their masonic mission ,, after the meeting with Katini some of our brothers conducted effective contacts with the old brothers, the result was, many of former brethren helped us, we remember among them the brothers:. Elias Hello, Sami Hello Elias Nour, Elisha Abboud, Anise Jabbour,Solomon Alshaare, Georges Shaaya, Areef Alhabbal and Joseph Kilani, Sanbar Mousa member of the Orient of Libanon, and the retired pilot's brother, Najib Saliba he is the member of the Scottlandi greatest Lodge, and he published the name of our Lodge Alinkaz and were sent to a number of the major forums in the world. The result of those meetings was positive The results of those meetings were positive, and all brethren agreed in participate the principle of the fraternal cooperation in order to preserve the old building on the work, and they agreed to stand up for the regular forums, which adhere to regulations and laws of the Freedom of Masonic building. After that meetings some frequent contacts and meetings among Brethren with the ancient whom they pointed to the need for contacting the G:.S:. Fuad Qablawi in order to they obtain his approval from the Grand Lodge of Lebanon and African, to be obtained the permission which allow them to establish legal lodge has name and number

In the mid-year of 1964 the G:.Masters:. Fahmi & Trad receipt the mission and they began to organize the Department in accordance with the customs of the Freemasonry, and they tried to organize the chaos which had been distributed in the east and intensified in the lodges which it work under his auspices, truly who planted the chaos was in the observatory and he works with all his efforts to hinder the attempts Fahmi & Trad to regulate and stabilize the usual masonic works but the causes of chaos which had not previously solved dealt with those who worked to block any systematic works it may impeding their work to keep the situation remains as same as before, and worse even, because they want damage the host and seizure of the works, because their intentions and their desire in controlling the G:.S:. Qablawi who strived to install his Orient locally and globally.

In 1964 the Grand Sovereign agreed that lodge Al-Inkaz works under the patronage of Lebanese-African Grand Orient, and got the institutional number (3) and license for one year period test, but for private official reasons in the Orient, didn’t registered the institutional in their journal book. Brothers showed inactivity, and lazy works which did not last for long or continue due to some interior circumstances in the Orient. therefore keep brethren from consequently the lodge’s works paused for short period, but the time came with request of some old brothers from the Grand Sovereign Fouad Cabalawi with an aim of organizing the works of his Orient, The Grand sovereign appointed the Grand Master Al-Hajj Ahmed Fahme as deputy Grand Master and worship Master Toufic Trad as Grand Master adjoin for the Lebanese-African Grand Orient

In mid- 1964 received G.'.M.'. Fahmi and Trad task and they stared organize the organization accordance with the customs of Freemasonry, tried to Fahmi and Trad to regulate the chaos that had spread in the work of lodges of East and consulted in the work of Lodges' working under his auspices, Intervention affected of the organization of the Masonic work and they worked to thwart all attempts by Fahmi and Trad to organize Lodge works its normal , but the underlying causes that have not previously dealt with those who worked to block any organization in the Lodges march was hampering their activities and the situation remained as it was , but aggravated where prolonged greedy and they make

Grab the work of the High East and showed their intentions and their desire for control over the Kablawi whom tired the electrode the works of Lodges locally installed and worldly


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