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Said: The confident of their self laboratories, they discover the hypocrisy of others

And as for the bewitched by hypocrisy, they lose their personality and their old heritage





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Brief biography about the movement of the Lodge Al-Inkaz’s members. The mission of old members in lodge Al-Inkaz,

started in 1963 after ‎the meeting of the following Freemasons: Grand Master Ahmad Fahme, ‎Master Dr. Nasr El Khouri, Master Salim El Banna, Master Mohammad El ‎Hoary, Master Toufic Trad, Master Ahmad Shbarou, and Master Vinson ‎Attieh

In the mid-year of 1963, the member of the Lodge Alinkaz meet the G. Sovereign Henain Katina in order to obtain the legal authority to assemble brothers in the lodge Alinkaz.

The meeting was lukewarm because of the arguing between the Grand Sovereign with one of our old brethren around the Masonic works in Lebanon,the assembled agree that the new members in the masonry are trying to separate the old laws customs and replacing it by new law for the wage increase and the integration of Masonic works which are concerned by the symbolic degrees and perfections, such Masonic works, which lasted several centuries because of the services of our old Masons who had maintained faithful on their commitments and their individual degrees, thanks for them. And then the Brother Kataini blamed the elders brethren and reprimanded them because they don't give attention for respecting their masonic mission ,, after the meeting with Katini some of our brothers conducted effective contacts with the old brothers, the result was, many of former brethren helped us, we remember among them the brothers:. Elias Hello, Sami Hello Elias Nour, Elisha Abboud, Anise Jabbour,Solomon Alshaare, Georges Shaaya, Areef Alhabbal and Joseph Kilani, Sanbar Mousa member of the Orient of Libanon, and the retired pilot's brother, Najib Saliba he is the member of the Scottlandi greatest Lodge, and he published the name of our Lodge Alinkaz and were sent to a number of the major forums in the world. The result of those meetings was positive The results of those meetings were positive, and all brethren agreed in participate the principle of the fraternal cooperation in order to preserve the old building on the work, and they agreed to stand up for the regular forums, which adhere to regulations and laws of the Freedom of Masonic building. After that meetings some frequent contacts and meetings among Brethren with the ancient whom they pointed to the need for contacting the G:.S:. Fuad Qablawi in order to they obtain his approval from the Grand Lodge of Lebanon and African, to be obtained the permission which allow them to establish legal lodge has name and number

In the mid-year of 1964 the G:.Masters:. Fahmi & Trad receipt the mission and they began to organize the Department in accordance with the customs of the Freemasonry, and they tried to organize the chaos which had been distributed in the east and intensified in the lodges which it work under his auspices, truly who planted the chaos was in the observatory and he works with all his efforts to hinder the attempts Fahmi & Trad to regulate and stabilize the usual masonic works but the causes of chaos which had not previously solved dealt with those who worked to block any systematic works it may impeding their work to keep the situation remains as same as before, and worse even, because they want damage the host and seizure of the works, because their intentions and their desire in controlling the G:.S:. Qablawi who strived to install his Orient locally and globally.

In 1964 the Grand Sovereign agreed that lodge Al-Inkaz works under the patronage of Lebanese-African Grand Orient, and got the institutional number (3) and license for one year period test, but for private official reasons in the Orient, didn’t registered the institutional in their journal book. Brothers showed inactivity, and lazy works which did not last for long or continue due to some interior circumstances in the Orient. therefore keep brethren from consequently the lodge’s works paused for short period, but the time came with request of some old brothers from the Grand Sovereign Fouad Cabalawi with an aim of organizing the works of his Orient, The Grand sovereign appointed the Grand Master Al-Hajj Ahmed Fahme as deputy Grand Master and worship Master Toufic Trad as Grand Master adjoin for the Lebanese-African Grand Orient

In 1965 the distinguished Leon Rushdoni "Allah's mercy," the President of the forum Alariz.7 general invitation to the meeting in the Masonic Center for an expanded forum Alariz.7 and has presided over the meeting, the total respect Abboud Baladi the president of the grand lodge of universe, presences of that meeting were the largest group of former Masons and the great number of the owners of High degrees ( 1), the president Leon Rashdoni, Antoine Batanian and Raymond Batanian with the rest members of AlAriz.7 they offered fraternal hospitality, at the end of the meeting emerged mission in monitors and continuation works and political and characters of the new masons because they are taking certain political extremists whom biased to specific political group, who had entered the building work in order to change the teachings Masonic ideas to the political ideas , which cause in bad understanding between the old brethren and the new brothers, indeed those outsiders who have supporters among brothers they are encouraged their targets which are gathering brothers around them, and the brothers whom are looking for big benefit from political support and influence.

In 1967 and after the mandatory absence of the Masonic works, convened the lodge Al-Inkaz 3, all brothers to the first legal meeting in the locale of Alarez Grand lodge7 , all Brothers of the High Councils and the allied lodges which attended the meeting of 1965 they attended the meeting of Alinkaz3 and decided collectively to communicate with the old brothers whom they are present in Lebanon and abroad, and they decided to delegate the Grand Master Toufic Trad for this task. As soon as the news spread through the Masons, the Grand Master George Nersy, Grand Master Mohammad Ali el Riz and W.F.M Elie Kobali they hurried and wrote letters and documents which indicated that holder G.M. Trad is represent their Grand Lodges in foreign countries. ( 2) But for financial reasons the travel did not achieve .


In 1968 slowed in Lebanon most of the Masonic activities especially because of the high order which issued from the Grand Sovereign Mustafa al Moukadam (3) to stop any Masonic's activities or any official movements in the Lebanese Grand Orient which was considered as grandfather for all grand and symbolic lodges which are working in Lebanon, The Grand Orient of Lebanon was considered the only twin to the Syrian Orient which was headed by the Grand Sovereign Al Damad Ahmad Bacha. After the order of Moukadam to stop the Masonic's activities, the brothers held meeting among them in the houses or in the restaurants. therefor the old brethren issued the new agreement which prevent the brothers from identical Masonic meetings in restaurants because such meetings are against Masonic law and leads to punishment. After the slow motion among the children of clan, some of the following old brethren: Grand Master Fouad Faddoul, Worship Master Antoine Batavian, Worship Master Elie Azzi, Worship Master Raymond Batavian, Grand Master Toufic Trad and Worship Master Simone Cuzubukian with some masters from the Lodges: Al Arez 7, Lebanon1 and Alinkaz 3. They gathered together in the Lodge of Al Arez and agreed to evaluate the Masonic's activities which it started in taking lowest level of its acceptances from the old honest brethren, at the end of the meeting they decided:

First decision is: we the assembled should protect the right of the Grand Orient of Lebanon and find the right way to understand the Lebanese Masonic problems.

Second decision is, we agreed to delegate the Worship Master Elie Azzi to contact all the local and international brethren to put them in the right pictures of the Lebanese Masonic situations.

Third decision is: the forums, which are meeting in AlAriz grand Lodge.7 they are responsible to take on the Masonic authorities and to pay all the expenses which may needed for the travel costs and for supplies the necessary for that work.

In 1974 brothers of the lodge Al-Inkaz3 broadened their Masonic activities which pushed the head of the Grand Lodge Alariz7 to invite them with the G:.M:. Al-Hajj Ahmed Fahme,and the G:.M:. Toufic Trad and the W:.F:.M:. Joseph Jabbor. In the meeting they discussed the possibility to found new lodge from the brothers of the Alinkaz3 at the end of the meeting they accepted the idea and founded new Lodge to join with their G:.L:. to support its activities and it work under the patronage of Alariz Grand Lodge 7

In the middle of 1974 the Grand Lodge of Alariz7 opened his first works which was under the presidency of the Grand Master Raymond Batavian with the help of the W:.F:. M:. Elie Azzi as Grand Secretary and the G:. M:. Toufic Trad as Grand Orator and the W:.F:. M:. Antoine Batavian as the first Grand Warden and the W:.F:. M:. Joseph Jabour as second Grand Warden and the W:.F:. M:. Simone Cuzubukian as Grand Internal Steward and the W:.F:. M:. Georges Assaf as first Senior Grand Deacon and theW:.F:.M:. Muhammad Aldayet as second Grand Junior Deacon.

In 1976 the Grand Master Toufic Trad elected as leader of chapter Moses1 and already he did choose the qualified brethren from all Lodges which is working under patronage of Grand Lodge Alariz7 to grant them the promotion for that degree, all names and pictures of the promotion brothers placed on special page of the degree18. And due to the increasing number of brothers in lodge Al-Inkaz 3, the Grand Master Toufic Trad decided to fulfill the agreement with Grand Master Batavian and Master Jaber to establish new lodge and named Adonis lodge 5 which founded by the chosen brothers from Al-Inkaz 3 The G:.M:. Trad formed the lodge and was vouched and put the Lodge under the practices of chosen brothers.

In 1979, during the special session which were among the brothers, Fuad Fadoul, Jean Abu Naum, Raymond Batanian, Taufic Trad, Dahir deep and Joseph Jabbour at the office of the Ambassador Mr. Boutros Deeb agreed the conferees that they must collaborate in order to establish new east to sponsor the works of Grand lodges in Lebanon and adjust in the actions which were metamorphosed it the falses Masons, and they gave the name of (East of Canaan) to harmonize it with the new Orient and with the old Masonic mission in the Middle east. (7) at the end of the meeting they decided to send invitation to all brothers to attend the first election for the masonic's counselors to look after the legal Masons in Lebanon, whom attended to the election session were large numbers of high brethren represented the Lebanese Grand Lodges,and the Great Masters of the blue symbolic lodges and the councils of the masonic High Commissioners in Lebanon, The meeting was full responsibility on the presence and full of the impartiality of the voters

and the fraternal spirit appeared among whom attended at the meeting which completed the election of the first officers of the supreme councilors for Orient de Canaan, and the results were as follows: The G:.S:. pole Jean Abu Noam, the G:.S:. Assistant General Fuad Fadoul, the General Secretary G:.M:. Toufic Trad , the General officer-for External Relations, Dahir Deeb, and the relations officer of the Interior and Foreign Affairs Raymond Batanian and the General treasurer Joseph Jabbour.

In the second week which followed the election session the G:.S:. Abu Naum chaired the first meeting of the elected community on Orient de Canaan, the names of the presence are: G.S. Boghos Aramian and G:.S:. Abraham Sarayan and their High Commissioners, and the supporter G:.S. Fouad faddoul assisted in the management of the first session. During the session G:.S:. Aramian suggested that Brother Daher should be lifted to higher degree, because his present degree do not qualify him in representing Orient de Canaan abroad, on the Face of Daher emerged the reaction, and later on the enmity existed between them till today, The G:.S:. Abu Naum asked brother Trad, to open the ceremony Promotion, and qualifies brother Deeb to the 30 degree, the aim for the request of G:.S:. were for two things: The first was legal because G:.M:. Trad he is the head of the degrees from 4-to 30 in the Grand Orient of Lebanon, and the Lebanese Supreme Council Commissioner of the 33 and the last degree. And he is also the Chairman from the 18 to 30 degrees in Al- Arez and he who did on advice Deb to follow the test extent of cooperation among Deb and with the Grand Lodges and with the Orient de Canaan, because of the session of the falses which belongs to another group members, they working contrary to the Masonic ritual because of the ignorances of the head of new group who managing the meetings session which relying on the teachings of the counterfeiting members in traditions and literatures of freemasonry which are not legal or logical to teach the new members, the authorization which gave to the head of that group was not legal because this authorization gave the right to them to accept any step brother without testing him before start in granting him the initiation, because of the awakening for Deb the results were from the G:.S:. brother Deeb was confused on the Trad's advice and seemed in all sessions he is confused in front of the other council members, and because of that appeared the fatigue in cooperation between Dib and Trad. After that, Brother Abou Naoum lag in leading the Orient. Brother Batavian seized the opportunity and acted wrong in giving the chair meetings of Orient de Canaan to Deeb , (of course that was illegal but it is Mandate special from brother Batavian). After brother Deb received the center, was his first work that he remoter G:.S:. Aramian from his position in Orient de Canaan, and asked W.F.M. Elie Aziz to replacing Aramian (of course, this assignment is illegal). For all these reasons the brothers of The Grand Lodge Alinkaz dissented their remaining in Orient de Canaan.

As regards to the G:.M:. Trad can not Brother Daher to retaliate from him because Brother Trad moved finally from G:.L:.AlArez7 & from Orient de Canaan and was busy in the foundation of the grand lodge alinkaz. And from that time felt Daher that he is alone and considered that he is denied from his brothers therefore he was acting wrongly , for example he traded with the Masonic membership cards in giving it to every demander even to the nonmasonic .However, brother Daher continued his spite against brother Trad and used another method in plot which was in collecting brothers from Alinkaz Grand Lodge, brother Trad resented the Daher's new method against the Grand Lodge Al-Inkaz, and he forgot haw many times he received aid from the brothers of Alinkaz3 because its brothers they were the largest number of brothers in one lodge and they grown up to nearly about four hundred members,


The first community of Orient De Canaan was corresponded with the Masonic world, the first invitations Letters were received from The Grand Orient de France, and from the Supreme council of Belgium and from the Grand Lodge Of France. The G:. S:. Abou Naoum appointed the first general staff from the authorized brethren Fouad Faddoul, Toufic Trad, Daher Deep and Joseph Jabbour to attend these fraternal meetings, all of them they travelled with one main purpose which they

must explains the aims of Orient de Canaan's and to know the names of its Officers among brethren in the Fraternal session, the first meeting was with the G:. S:. Shaban at the Grand Orient de France, and with the G:. S:. Marcelle Shapira, Rue cadet Paris, and to the second fraternal session was at the Grand Lodge de France with the G:. S:. Dr Chevrillon, at 8, rues de puteaux 75017 Paris. The addition of the third fraternal session was from the High Supreme councilors of Belgium. During the meeting with those brethren, acted brother Daher alone and introduced himself as an attorney-at-law from Lebanon and is the brother of the Lebanese ambassador Potros Deeb.

Between 1979 1980 the G:.S:. Cabalawi did lose his eyesight because one of his assistant A.L.S. did steal from his office all the Orient's letters and the stamps this did Cause the problems in changing his blood sugar and in alarming his situation, and here must be thank the W:.F:.M:. Elie Jabbour Who recruited and transported every day the G:.S:. to the Makassed Hospital in order to treat his eyes by the kind of laser treatments, but this treatment was not useful and helpful or gives any result for his disease , according to diagnosis of the doctor who treated the G:.S:. said that the lack of the effective in treatment was because of anxiety and frustration in his thought which was controlled. His health continued in the decline until the hour of his departure from this material world to the everlasting immortality

The first month of 1980, and in during the session the Brothers in the Lodge Alinkaz 3 asked the worship master if possible at change their lodge from Alariz grand lodge 7,because they don’t Want in continuing cooperating with Orient de Canaan because of the variations of political and partisan Affiliations, and the incompatibility of the new adjustment which the Grand Sovereign Abu Naum put it for Daher Deeb and Raymond Batavian accepted it, and the brothers of alinkaz3 they not accepted to be once more in the middle of such meeting with it differences and inclinations. And they associated with Alinkaz 3 brethren because they do want to free themselves and be far away from any conflicts may be happened in Alarez locations which contained foreigners from several groups,these foreigners were formed the prevented understanding between Orient de Canaan and his officers.



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Secretary General and the General treasurer traveled to meet brethren in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for they explain the objectives of Orient de Canaan. The Brother G:. M:. Adnan Baayoun (13) was aware of the visit purpose, therefore, he arranged meeting with the authorized Masonic representative on behalf of His Majesty the King Husain of Jordan in the presence of the G:.S:. Ibrahim Ackil and the Secretary General Professor Alfred Aldayat. During the session The Representative of His Majesty was listened to Brother Trad’s explanation and the Clarification about the circumstances which caused Orient de Canaan to emergence . The representative of his Majesty was listened to Trad’s explanation and was glad but he apologized to recognize in Orient de Canaan, because of the agreement Between His Majesty and the Grand Lodge of Lebanon and Arab countries. Nevertheless, representative of king housain welcomed the accession of the Grand Lodge Alinkaz to join to the Supreme Council of the Arab Countries. The Grand Master Adnan Baayoun wrote letter of recognize in the G:.M:. Alhaj Ahmad Fahme, G:.M:.Toufic Trad and W:.F:. M:. Joseph Jabbour and an acceptance letter to consider them as the representative of Grand Lodge Alinkaz in The Supreme Council of Arab Countries, the letter were signed and approved by Sovereign Grand Commander Ibrahim Ackil and professor Alfred Al Dayate registered the letter.

The G:.S:. Trad & T:.G:. Jabbour they returned from Jordan and in legal Masonic session the Secretary-General Trad announced the report about his meeting with brothers in Jordan, but the S:.G:. Abou Naoum"s reacted against the G:S:. Trad and asked to punish him because of the unsuccessful result with the Jordan’s Brethren, in this new circumstances some officers of the O:. de Canaan they were divided into two groups, one of them refused to agree with Abou Naoom in his illegal punishment against brother Tradو but the other group they agreed on the punishment, after that Secretary-General, explained the unstable situation of Canaan and some circumstances of the Fraternal situation in Jordan. And in addition he talked about the Brothers' desire Alinkaz 3 , whom they want to change the location of Alariz grand lodge 7, because they don’t want to cooperate with fait accompli with the situation of the misdealing between the officers of Orient de Canaan.

The Grand Sovereign Abu Naum with Daher Deeb and With Raymond Batavian were announced that they will never accept any brother refused to collaborate with them especially the brothers whom they refused to cooperate with them because of their differences inclinations and the policies of their Masonic movements. Therefore those brothers they wants to free themselves from the new policies of Abou naoum and his colleagues and they must be far away from any conflicts may be happened in the location of the Orient de Canaan, The general secretary Trad gave them several remarks which treating problems of Orient de Canaan with its officers. advices will never help problems with such orders because that kind of collaboration with brethren may lead them toward the fail and unstable atmospheres in their managing of the Freemasonry’s activities and he refused to accept the cooperation with them, brother Trad at the end of the session asked whom supported his resignation and thanked them and apologized from them because of his decision which is refused to cooperate with Orient de Canaan, that because of the conflicts atmosphere among the Sovereign Grand Commander and some of their officers. and after he left the meeting some brothers left with him and joined to the Grand Lodge Alinkaz. All messages and pictures and the names of our fraternal meetings in the kingdom, will publish in its special page.

Indeed all the Masonic services which did were supported financially and morally were from the brothers of Lodge Al-Inkaz3.

The meetings fraternal conducted by the Grand Lodge Al-Inkaz largest abroad after separation from East Canaan were many recall including a meeting with a group of Clipsas But the Grand Lodge Al-Inkaz rescue to continue with them because there are conflicts between sex Women and Gender men, and with the Grand Lodge de France and with a Grand Lodge of Italy and with the Grand Lodge of Belgium and Grand Lodge of Sweden and still has external contacts with the old brothers who have retired but they are exercising all the diligence Masonic their work without any delay or boredom or foil (14

In this occasion, from all my heart the special thanks must be conveyed to all old and new members of the Al-Inkaz 3 because they were helpfully in continuing the duties mission of old masonic, and we appreciate the contribution from our allied and from the friendly Lodges’ brothers which supported our prosperity and progress.


The work Freemasonry of the Grand Lodge Al-Inkaz spread to Canada in Ottawa, and has been installed Lodge Hiram Abi No. 21 by patent Lodge and granted the secret respect to esteemed Paul Abbas who embankment after traveling the Grand Master Trad to Canada and consecrated the place and secure it Freemason conducted necessary according to the message of Freemasonry old (15


The Alinkaz Grand Lodge worked according to the method of old masons in teaching his brothers and was still teaching brothers how they depend on their selves and move away from any laziness and reliance on others because that leads them to the inactivity and frustration.

In our masonic services we teach the old Masonic literatures and the directive of cultural humanity , which based on the old Masonic heritage which teach us our history, and our origin and gives us glances about Adam who lost his humanitarian insight and the magnificence of the high natures, and converted his vision toward the downward life.


Your Brother Toufic Trad

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