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Said: The confident of their self laboratories, they discover the hypocrisy of others

And as for the bewitched by hypocrisy, they lose their personality and their old heritage





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In the second week which followed the election session the G:.S:. Abu Naum chaired the first meeting of the elected community on Orient de Canaan, the names of the presence are: G.S. Boghos Aramian and G:.S:. Abraham Sarayan and their High Commissioners, and the supporter G:.S. Fouad faddoul assisted in the management of the first session. During the session G:.S:. Aramian suggested that Brother Daher should be lifted to higher degree, because his present degree do not qualify him in representing Orient de Canaan abroad, on the Face of Daher emerged the reaction, and later on the enmity existed between them till today, The G:.S:. Abu Naum asked brother Trad, to open the ceremony Promotion, and qualifies brother Deeb to the 30 degree, the aim for the request of G:.S:. were for two things: The first was legal because G:.M:. Trad he is the head of the degrees from 4-to 30 in the Grand Orient of Lebanon, and the Lebanese Supreme Council Commissioner of the 33 and the last degree. And he is also the Chairman from the 18 to 30 degrees in Al- Arez and he who did on advice Deb to follow the test extent of cooperation among Deb and with the Grand Lodges and with the Orient de Canaan, because of the session of the falses which belongs to another group members, they working contrary to the Masonic ritual because of the ignorances of the head of new group who managing the meetings session which relying on the teachings of the counterfeiting members in traditions and literatures of freemasonry which are not legal or logical to teach the new members, the authorization which gave to the head of that group was not legal because this authorization gave the right to them to accept any step brother without testing him before start in granting him the initiation, because of the awakening for Deb the results were from the G:.S:. brother Deeb was confused on the Trad's advice and seemed in all sessions he is confused in front of the other council members, and because of that appeared the fatigue in cooperation between Dib and Trad. After that, Brother Abou Naoum lag in leading the Orient. Brother Batavian seized the opportunity and acted wrong in giving the chair meetings of Orient de Canaan to Deeb , (of course that was illegal but it is Mandate special from brother Batavian). After brother Deb received the center, was his first work that he remoter G:.S:. Aramian from his position in Orient de Canaan, and asked W.F.M. Elie Aziz to replacing Aramian (of course, this assignment is illegal). For all these reasons the brothers of The Grand Lodge Alinkaz dissented their remaining in Orient de Canaan.

As regards to the G:.M:. Trad can not Brother Daher to retaliate from him because Brother Trad moved finally from G:.L:.AlArez7 & from Orient de Canaan and was busy in the foundation of the grand lodge alinkaz. And from that time felt Daher that he is alone and considered that he is denied from his brothers therefore he was acting wrongly , for example he traded with the Masonic membership cards in giving it to every demander even to the nonmasonic .However, brother Daher continued his spite against brother Trad and used another method in plot which was in collecting brothers from Alinkaz Grand Lodge, brother Trad resented the Daher's new method against the Grand Lodge Al-Inkaz, and he forgot haw many times he received aid from the brothers of Alinkaz3 (8) because its brothers they were the largest number of brothers in one lodge and they grown up to nearly about four hundred members,


The first community of Orient De Canaan was corresponded with the Masonic world, the first invitations Letters were received from The Grand Orient de France, and from the Supreme council of Belgium and from the Grand Lodge Of France. The G:. S:. Abou Naoum appointed the first general staff from the authorized brethren Fouad Faddoul, Toufic Trad, Daher Deep and Joseph Jabbour to attend these fraternal meetings, all of them they travelled with one main purpose which they

must explains the aims of Orient de Canaan's and to know the names of its Officers among brethren in the Fraternal session, the first meeting was with the G:. S:. Shaban (9) at the Grand Orient de France, and with the G:. S:. Marcelle Shapira (10) Rue cadet Paris, and to the second fraternal session was at the Grand Lodge de France with the G:. S:. Dr Chevrillon (11) at 8, rues de puteaux 75017 Paris. The addition of the third fraternal session was from the High Supreme councilors of Belgium (12) During the meeting with those brethren, acted brother Daher alone and introduced himself as an attorney-at-law from Lebanon and is the brother of the Lebanese ambassador Potros Deeb.

Between 1979 1980 the G:.S:. Cabalawi did lose his eyesight because one of his assistant A.L.S. did steal from his office all the Orient's letters and the stamps this did Cause the problems in changing his blood sugar and in alarming his situation, and here must be thank the W:.F:.M:. Elie Jabbour Who recruited and transported every day the G:.S:. to the Makassed Hospital in order to treat his eyes by the kind of laser treatments, but this treatment was not useful and helpful or gives any result for his disease , according to diagnosis of the doctor who treated the G:.S:. said that the lack of the effective in treatment was because of anxiety and frustration in his thought which was controlled. His health continued in the decline until the hour of his departure from this material world to the everlasting immortality

The first month of 1980, and in during the session the Brothers in the Lodge Alinkaz 3 asked the worship master if possible at change their lodge from Alariz grand lodge 7,because they don’t Want in continuing cooperating with Orient de Canaan because of the variations of political and partisan Affiliations, and the incompatibility of the new adjustment which the Grand Sovereign Abu Naum put it for Daher Deeb and Raymond Batavian accepted it, and the brothers of alinkaz3 they not accepted to be once more in the middle of such meeting with it differences and inclinations. And they associated with Alinkaz 3 brethren because they do want to free themselves and be far away from any conflicts may be happened in Alarez locations which contained foreigners from several groups,these foreigners were formed the prevented understanding between Orient de Canaan and his officers.


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