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البنائية اللبنانية رسالة إنسانية

رائدة تثقف عقل الإنسان



إيحاء الضمير الحر

البناؤون أمناء على نقل الأمانة لأصحابها




Said: The confident of their self laboratories, they discover the hypocrisy of others

And as for the bewitched by hypocrisy, they lose their personality and their old heritage





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In 1965 the distinguished Leon Rushdoni "Allah's mercy," the President of the forum Alariz.7 general invitation to the meeting in the Masonic Center for an expanded forum Alariz.7 and has presided over the meeting, the total respect Abboud Baladi the president of the grand lodge of universe, presences of that meeting were the largest group of former Masons and the great number of the owners of High degrees ( 1), the president Leon Rashdoni, Antoine Batanian and Raymond Batanian with the rest members of AlAriz.7 they offered fraternal hospitality, at the end of the meeting emerged mission in monitors and continuation works and political and characters of the new masons because they are taking certain political extremists whom biased to specific political group, who had entered the building work in order to change the teachings Masonic ideas to the political ideas , which cause in bad understanding between the old brethren and the new brothers, indeed those outsiders who have supporters among brothers they are encouraged their targets which are gathering brothers around them, and the brothers whom are looking for big benefit from political support and influence.

In 1967 and after the mandatory absence of the Masonic works, convened the lodge Al-Inkaz 3, all brothers to the first legal meeting in the locale of Alarez Grand lodge7 , all Brothers of the High Councils and the allied lodges which attended the meeting of 1965 they attended the meeting of Alinkaz3 and decided collectively to communicate with the old brothers whom they are present in Lebanon and abroad, and they decided to delegate the Grand Master Toufic Trad for this task. As soon as the news spread through the Masons, the Grand Master George Nersy, Grand Master Mohammad Ali el Riz and W.F.M Elie Kobali they hurried and wrote letters and documents which indicated that holder G.M. Trad is represent their Grand Lodges in foreign countries. ( 2) But for financial reasons the travel did not achieve .


In 1968 slowed in Lebanon most of the Masonic activities especially because of the high order which issued from the Grand Sovereign Mustafa al Moukadam (3) to stop any Masonic's activities or any official movements in the Lebanese Grand Orient which was considered as grandfather for all grand and symbolic lodges which are working in Lebanon, The Grand Orient of Lebanon was considered the only twin to the Syrian Orient which was headed by the Grand Sovereign Al Damad Ahmad Bacha. After the order of Moukadam to stop the Masonic's activities, the brothers held meeting among them in the houses or in the restaurants. therefor the old brethren issued the new agreement which prevent the brothers from identical Masonic meetings in restaurants because such meetings are against Masonic law and leads to punishment. After the slow motion among the children of clan, some of the following old brethren: Grand Master Fouad Faddoul, Worship Master Antoine Batavian, Worship Master Elie Azzi, Worship Master Raymond Batavian, Grand Master Toufic Trad and Worship Master Simone Cuzubukian with some masters from the Lodges: Al Arez 7, Lebanon1 and Alinkaz 3. They gathered together in the Lodge of Al Arez and agreed to evaluate the Masonic's activities which it started in taking lowest level of its acceptances from the old honest brethren, at the end of the meeting they decided:

First decision is: we the assembled should protect the right of the Grand Orient of Lebanon and find the right way to understand the Lebanese Masonic problems.

Second decision is, we agreed to delegate the Worship Master Elie Azzi (4) to contact all the local and international brethren to put them in the right pictures of the Lebanese Masonic situations.

Third decision is: the forums, which are meeting in AlAriz grand Lodge.7 they are responsible to take on the Masonic authorities and to pay all the expenses which may needed for the travel costs and for supplies the necessary for that works.


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